Thursday, April 26, 2007

The LCMS—Then and Today

On this date in 1847 The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod was officially organized in Chicago at First Saint Paul Lutheran Church. The operating budget was $118.32 and 3/4 cents.

I'm wondering where the quarter of a cent went.

And also if we were to get rid of all our money in our synod (okay, except for maybe a hundred dollars or so (and at least 3/4 of a cent)) if we could get back to confessional Lutheranism where we began.


Dan at Necessary Roughness said...

At least convert it into today's dollars. :)

rev.will said...

Ha! Didn't think about that. Okay, I guess we could use at least about $1000.

Anonymous said...

How far we have come, just today 247 young Lutherans are starring their careers as Pastors and teachers in the LCMS, while the Catholic Church is begging for Priests. (Milwaukee JournalSentinel) and most Priests today are 60 plus years old,

rev.will said...

That is a blessing we can be grateful for to be sure. But those young men going into the ministry a century and a half ago were assured of being in a synod that was bound to the Word of God and the proclamation of it. Today, these young men will enter congregations where they may very well be told that their congregational constitution is not in harmony with the synod constitution. Why? Because the congregational constitution uses dreaded words such as inspired, inerrant, and revealed to confess what the Scriptures are. The Lutheran Church has always used these words to make known what we believe about the Scriptures and now in the Pacific Southwest District congregations are being told that their constitution will not be approved unless those words are taken out. I assume that those 247 young men were taught as I was that those words are God-pleasing, salutary, and *true*. What a shock and what a sad state of affairs it will be for them when/(if) their district president sides with the synod's commission on constitutional matters rather than the Word of God itself.