Monday, October 1, 2012

Daily Prayer: The Lord’s Prayer

The first thing to say about daily prayer is to do it each day. Since we’ve already said that, the second thing perhaps to say is what the disciples said to the Lord: “Lord, teach us to pray.” And the thing that goes along with that is to do what our Lord has given us to do: pray the prayer He has taught us. The Lord’s Prayer is the prayer that encompasses everything for which we need to pray. There is nothing we need to pray for that is not addressed in the prayer our Lord has given us to pray.

Some people want to pray ‘from the heart’. It certainly is a good thing to do this and we are even given the invitation to do so by our Lord. There’s nothing in our heart we should keep from God. He knows what’s in our heart anyway, we certainly should lift it all up to Him in prayer. Praying from the heart, though, doesn’t have to mean praying only what we feel or think every time we pray. Praying what is on our Lord’s heart directs us in our praying from our own heart. We know the heart of God. He has shown us in His perfect prayer. When we pray the Lord’s Prayer He molds our heart to be as one with His.

Daily prayer is daily. It is also praying for what what our Lord desires us to pray. In the Lord’s Prayer we know what this is. Pray it. Meditate upon it. Thank God for it. Pray it by yourself. Pray it with your brother and sister Christians. Pray it with your family. If you don’t know what to pray for then you can know that you actually do know, as your Lord has shown you in His holy prayer. 

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