Monday, February 1, 2016

Is God Beyond Us?

Image result for outer spaceYes. God by nature is beyond us.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t know Him. He is beyond us but He comes to us. We can know Him because He makes Himself known to us.

When we think of God we think of surpassing glory and power. We naturally don’t think of God as one who would:

® be conceived in the womb of an ordinary woman

® be born of that ordinary woman

® be born in a stable

® be cared for and fed and nurtured as He grew

® be submissive and obedient to earthly parents

® carry out a ministry that was consigned to a small and insignificant area of the planet

® call into ministry some pretty ordinary men

® be hungry, tired, and humbly living in prayerful submission to His Father

® suffer ridicule, beating, and crucifixion

® suffer for sin, guilt, and unbelief

® die

® be laid in a tomb and remain there three days

® rise from death.

The last one fits with our notion of God as glorious and powerful, but even so, in order to rise it means you have to die.

We wouldn’t think of God as doing these things. He is beyond us. We wouldn’t think of Him coming to us. We wouldn’t expect God to be conceived, born, live, suffer, die, and rise. We wouldn’t expect Him to do all of this for us.

But He did.

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