Sunday, December 13, 2009

Third Sunday in Advent

At this point in the season of Advent we’re expectant. The season of Advent as a season of preparation may not be long but it seems long, as the world is already celebrating Christmas and Christians are good and ready to. But we’re not there yet. But we’re expectant. It’s coming soon. Preparing and being expectant keep us mindful of our life-long need for repenting of our sins and expecting our Lord to come on the Last Day. As we await that day and are in a constant state of expectation we also rejoice that our celebration of the birth of our Savior is almost here.


claudia said...

It seems a great shame that ones who follow this Advent tradition, will ONLY be expectant of our Christ coming around the time of December. Lets hope they are not found otherwise if He comes in June or October. BUT seriously now, shouldn’t we be expectant all year round? As it may come anytime. It is like those who find that they are more generous around December or more loving, when it too should be something one should cultivate as a way of life and not a seasonal practice.

While it is great that modern churches seem to want to win back the idea that Christmas celebration is about focusing on Christ coming, wouldn’t it be more powerful to abandon association with the whole idea of celebrating Our Christ at that time of the year since:

There is NOT one shred of evidence to point to what time of the year Jesus was born. Unlike his death which is precisely marked for us.
Jesus never asked, commanded, or instructed us to celebrate his birth. HE DID ask us to celebrate his death and resurrection.
NOT ONE of the Apostles instructed us either, and neither did they celebrate it too, so why should we now?.
It is his death and resurrection that speaks to us now.
The history of its beginning is so clearly evidently rooted in pagan traditions which were just called Christian when the early churches wanted to attract pagans into the faith.
The modern celebration of it is clearly about Santa and materialism.
Celebrating birth during this period was, and still is a pagan tradition.

It is very sad that Christians educate their children into believing that Santa IS REAL(funny that Santa/Satan) and then expect them to grow in faith in the Christ when they become adults as well, when all that seems to happen is they reject Christ as just a story like the fabled man in the red coat. May God forgive those who perpetuate this.

Loving respects to you, through Christ Jesus our saviour, ONLY to the greater glory of His and our heavenly Father. The ONE TRUE GOD.


rev.will said...

Thank you very much Cioara! You have a good day too!