Friday, September 28, 2012

Daily Prayer

Daily devotions. Quiet time. Whatever you might like to call it, being daily in the Word of God and prayer is vital to being a Christian and growing in the new life God gives us. That I’m writing about daily prayer doesn’t mean that I’m an expert or have it all figured out. It means that it’s important to me and I want to share the wealth. I’ve grown tremendously in my devotional life because others have taken the time to share their insights and offer help in this matter. So if can help in even a small way that will be a blessing.

This blog is ‘a place to sit down and talk theology’. It’s a virtual tavern of sorts. There hasn’t been much ‘talking’ of theology around here. But perhaps there shouldn’t be without talking about what’s at the heart of theology. It’s prayer. It’s devotion and worship. The ancient Church said that as we pray so we believe. I had always thought that backwards but in actually being in prayer and devotions I have come to learn that it’s exactly right. Of course we need to believe correctly. But belief is not somehow disconnected from prayer and worship and devotions. As you pray you will learn to believe and you will grow in faith. The one who looks at this intellectually will miss the point. And I’m not discounting the intellect and understanding doctrine. It’s where I’d rather spend my time. That’s why devotions are so hard for me. It’s hard to just pray. To be in the Word and be in it as one who hears it, not just as one who thinks about it and studies it and prepares to teach it and preach it.

The first thing to say about daily prayer I suppose is simply to do it daily. If you’re not in daily devotions today is the day to start. And if you need to start off slowly, making it short and sweet, you have permission. Take five minutes. Read a Psalm. That’s probably as good a place to start as any. It’s the Word of God and it’s prayer. Read the Psalm. Take your time reading it. Pray it. As you’re reading it, make the words your own, even if they don’t seem to say what you’re thinking or thinking you need to pray.

The peace of the Lord be with you as you take time today to be in prayer and each day.

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