Saturday, November 11, 2006

For Those Who Serve

(And those still in active service) we can be grateful. Sometimes we do things for others and wonder if anyone appreciates it. I can only imagine how veterans and those presently serving our country feel at times. And yet, one of the noblest aspects of their character is that they serve not for recognition but out of duty for their country. The Marine Corps celebrated its 231st birthday the other day and that should make us pause to consider how many Marines have fought to protect our homeland, as well as the many other faithful soldiers in our Armed Forces. As Christians we rejoice in a God who gives us not only blessings of salvation but also things like governments which can maintain a force to protect us and keep us safe. What a privilege for us to continue to pray for our government and soldiers that they may continue to serve in honor and courage. It is in fact one of our duties as Christians to pray in this way as well as for their families that they may remain strong in often difficult circumstances. From a grateful country, please know that as veterans and active military personnel, you are appreciated. Freedom is never free. And though we may at times (if not often) take it for granted, we honor you for who you are and what you do.

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