Friday, November 3, 2006

Stop On In

Here is a place to rest for a while and if talking theology is your thing, then you might just enjoy this place. There's no substitute for the Word of God, of course. But the theology here will be discussed in light of the Word of God. The wonderful thing about theology and the Word of God is the more you learn theology and the more you get into the Word of God, the more you see there is to learn.

And that's why I'm blogging. Welcome to my tavern. And, as I suppose is always the case on the internet, YMMV.



Yes, predating Moses by 600 years,
we find the Hammurabi Code of Babylon. Rules Governing Conduct, and Grim Enforcement.

Treason was punishable with Death.
Striking the Father, the son lost
both hands.

The Mosaic Law was addicted to stoning the Adultress.

Roman Canon Law was often Harsh with Galillio, Heretics and Jews.

We can all thank the Creator, & his
disciples Madison & Jefferson for
the 1st Amendment!

Now we need another Amendment to
Confront Jihad! See History Post.

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rev.will said...

Yes, there are many other religious writings and beliefs, but none have the far-reaching life of the Bible, the books of which span about 1600 years and which present a remarkably coherent whole. And it's true that Mosaic Law punished the adultress with death. It is, however, equally true that the Word of God punishes with eternal damnation adulterers and gluttons and liars and murderers and, in fact, everyone. The only redemption from this is through the sacrifice of Christ and His resurrection.

I, too, am grateful for the first amendment, especially as it gives me the opportunity to speak the truth of God's Word.