Saturday, May 19, 2007

Armed Forces Day

To all those who serve our country in the Armed Services, thank you. Especially during this time of war, we are grateful for your sacrifice and courage. We enjoy our freedom and oftentimes take it for granted. I guess that goes along with the territory. When you have freedom you enjoy it and don’t think much about what a true blessing it is. But as history has shown, freedom is never free. And when it comes to the freedom we enjoy in our country we salute you in the military who ensure our freedom comes at great cost. It’s not much to say thank you, but know also that many of us in this country not only enjoy the freedom we have but also the opportunity to serve people in many ways that are not on the battle field or in defense of our borders and land. Without you we wouldn’t have those opportunities, so thank you and know that your service is not in vain.

God is not only the greatest servant in providing us with salvation in His Son Jesus Christ, but He also serves us by giving us blessings in this life. He does that often through people who serve one another. On this day we especially give thanks to Him for His providing for us freedom in this great land through the brave men and women who serve our country with pride as well as humility. Thank you.

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