Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Ascension of Our Lord

Luke begins his account of the beginning of the Christian Church (the Book of Acts) with the removal of the Christ of the Church Himself [Acts 1:1-11]. Okay, not exactly the removal of Him, but the removal of Him as a man who walks this earth as we do. But just because He left from being on the earth as He had for thirty years doesn’t mean He left for good.

On the contrary, this is the very Lord who promised “I am with you always” [Matthew 28:20]. So while we might like for Him to be with us the way He was with the disciples, He nevertheless is always with us. In fact, He continues to be with us physically in His Holy Supper. He gives us His Body and His Blood in that Supper and that is even as He reigns forever as Lord, having ascended into the heavens and seated at the right hand of the Father [Ephesians 1:19-23]. The Lord who is the Lord of the universe is the one who became a man. He is the one who suffered and died. He is the one who rose from the grave. He is the one who ascended into heaven. He is the one who will come again. And when He comes it’s always to give us His eternal blessings.

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