Thursday, November 9, 2006

Being in the Word

The thing I find myself finding more important than just about anything is being in the Word of God. Reading it. Studying it. Meditating on it. Praying it. Inwardly digesting it (as the Collect for the Word states it). I myself fall way short. The more important I find it the more I see how I fail to be in the Word as I should.

I have no problem eating every day. There are days I might have to skip a meal or eat in about three minutes. But rarely do I go without food, mainly because I just get really hungry after going without food for a while. But do I long for the Word of God in the same way? We need to be fed spiritually. The more we’re in the Word the stronger we will become. God will enlighten our minds and our hearts. The Holy Spirit is our Teacher and when we stay away from the Word of God, we’re staying away from the eternal wisdom and grace of God Almighty who is our Savior.

It’s good to have a set time because then we’re more likely to keep at it. But everybody’s different. With my Palm Pilot I have the Bible with me everywhere I go so that is a blessing to be able to read it anywhere if I get off my schedule or if I just want to read more. The important thing is to ask God to help you and then just get into it. Read it. Pray about it. And thank God that He has given you what He wants you to know.


Anonymous said...

Rev Will - Good job on the article. I have to get used to your blog

rev.will said...

Thanks Vona!

I know, it's probably pretty silly, but the reason I did that is because when I got a new email address I got tired of it being so long having my entire last name in there so I shortened it to "rev will".

Check out the very first comment I got on my first blog entry--pretty funny. I responded but he didn't respond back, I was hoping he would. Probaly too busy handling snakes (check it his blog, pretty interesting).

Anyway, thanks for checking out my blog, it's fun.

Paul [AKA Rev Will]